Vinita Sahajwala

Win Styles Inc
Founder and Owner

Vinita Sahajwala has an instinct to define a person’s style based on their personality, preferences, and profession. In pursuit of this passion, in 1990, she started her company, Image Enhancement. Since then she has continued to enhance the professional image, and design custom clothes for politicians, CEO’s of banks, publicly traded companies, and professional firms, owners of international businesses, real estate agents, attorneys, etc. In the early 2000’s Vinita got her MBA, and went on to pursue a career at couple of the largest international consulting firms. Here she learned new skills such as mastering the art of communicating with board members of Fortune 500 and public sector companies, approach to skillfully partner and liaison with tech entrepreneurs and executives on large projects, and techniques in training large teams on new concepts and strategies.

In 2015, to pursue her deep passion for Image Consulting, Vinita received her image consulting certification from one of the world’s finest’ London Image Institute, and started her new company, Win Styles. Vinita now leverages 25 years of accumulated skills of consulting and training individuals and teams at all levels within small and large organizations. She also has firsthand knowledge of soft skills needed to successfully navigate a career in the corporate world, and what’s needed to pursue professional fulfillment with matching your values and goals to those of your employer.

When not working or leading activities as a board member of the DC chapter of Association of Image Consultants International (AICI), she may be hiking, visiting new cities and national parks, or travelling internationally to countries where she loves to integrate herself with the locals, learning their culture. So far she’s visited 26 states, and 30 countries.

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