Dr. Nima Zahadat

Essential Assets Group, Inc.

Dr. Nima Zahadat is a Senior Instructor and Consultant specializing in information systems and engineering with more than 20 years of experience in cybersecurity, application development, and database systems. He is frequently asked to be a keynote speaker on current topics related to information systems and security.

Dr. Zahadat has designed, developed, and taught information system curricula courses in the fields of security, cyber security, web design, database management, programming, visualization, virtualization, networking, and system administration to the commercial sector, the Department of Defense, and within the University setting. He has advised and mentored both graduate and undergraduate students and supported their academic work and career development across multiple universities within Northern Virginia.

Dr. Zahadat earned a bachelor’s degree in Theoretical and Applied Mathematics, a master’s degree in Management of Information Systems, and a PhD in Systems Engineering and Engineering Management. He holds more than 30 industry certifications from industry-recognized certifying bodies including Cisco, Microsoft, EC-Council, CompTIA and more.

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