Change Management for Leaders: Preparing for an Unknown Future

The latest Gallop study on the State of the American Workplace states that only 33% of employees are engaged in their work. Uncertainty and change only increase the likelihood that employees will be less engaged in work. Techniques will be discussed to help project managers understand natural reactions to change and how to increase project team member engagement. Participants will leave with an understanding of the tools needed to help increase project success in a changing environment.

Natalya H. Bah

Natalya H. Bah Consulting
Natalya H. Bah is an instructor at Graduate School USA where she teaches Project Management courses. She also serves as an Action Learning Coach and instructor for leadership programs, created Change Management Workshops aimed at employees and leaders, provides self-assessments and leads dynamic team building sessions. Ms. Bah is a self-employed business owner providing coaching, training and consulting services and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP).
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 9:40am - 10:30am
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Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices