PDU Reporting Tutorial

PMI uses an online reporting system that manages PDU records and processes for the Continuning Certification Requirements (CCR).

Below is an abbreviated tutorial for reporting PDUs earned through the PMI Washington DC Chapter:

  1. Log in to your PMI Global account associated with your certification and access your profile on the "MyPMI" page.
  2. Your credentials and certification status will display on the right hand side.

    Step 2

  3. Select "Report PDUs" below your certification status.

    Step 3

  4. Select the appropriate delivery method of your PDU event:
    • For in person person events or live virtual events (ie - live webinars), select "Course or Training"

      Step 4 - Live Events

    • For eView videos or other pre-recorded digital content, select "Online or Digital Media"

      Step 4 - Pre-Recorded Content

  5. Enter the information found on your PDU form:
    • Enter the Provider ID. For PMIWDC this is "C046" (Charlie Zero Four Six).

      Step 5a

    • Enter the Activity Meeting Number or presentation title found on your PDU form.

      Step 5b

    • Select the date of the event, or start date and end date of the program if a multi-day program. For digital media, select the date you completed the activity.

      Step 5c

  6. For PMIWDC hosted events, enter the general office information for the Contact Information:
    • Contact Person: PMIWDC Staff
    • Contact Phone: 703.683.4804
    • Contact Email:

      Step 6

  7. Select the appropriate categories from the Talent Triangle for the PDU event. If your PDU form does not have a recommended Talent Triangle distribution, use your discretion to select the most appropriate category.

    Step 7

  8. Check the box to agree to the accuracy of your PDU claim and select submit.

    Step 8