Nominations Open for the 2020 Elections

Nominations Open for the 2020 Elections

2021 / 2022 / 2023 Board Of Directors


Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?


Nominations are open for officers to serve the chapter 2021-2023 for Vice Presidents . The election process is underway in accordance with the PMIWDC Bylaws and in line with association practices. If eligible and interested, you can become a nominee in one of two ways: either through the Nominating Committee process or by petition. The deadline for consideration is 31 July 2020.

The following positions are available to be filled by nomination and/or election:

  • VP of Partnership Management 
  • VP of Special Projects 
  • VP of Strategy and Governance 

How to Apply:

There are two ways to be nominated for a board position: by nomination, or by petition.  Instructions for both processes are below.

Members who express interest before 31 July 2020 may follow the "Nomination Committee Process" that follows.

  • Meet the requirements for eligibility and submission of items.
  • Submit the following by email to - not later than 31 July 2020.
    • 2019 Qualifications Form. (The downloadable form can be found on the bottom of this page).
    • A digital photograph to be used if selected to run for the slot.

Petition Process

Members who express interest after 31 July 2020 must complete the Petition Process that follows:

  • Submit petition forms (the downloadable form can be found on the bottom of this page) to the Nominating Committee with signatures from at least 5% of the chapter membership.
  • Official membership number as of April 2020 was 11,458; 573 signatures are required.
  • On each page, the petition must contain your name, your PMI number, and the position for which you wish to compete.
  • Signatures on the petition must identify the name of the signer, both printed and signature, their PMI number, email address and phone number.
  • The signed petition is due to the Nominating Committee ( by 31 July 2020.


Open Positions:

*Please click on each position for a detailed description


Vice President of Partnership Management

Vice President of Special Projects

Vice President of Strategy and Governance




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