2017 Nominations Open for the 2018+ Board of Directors

Are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors?

Nominations are open for officers to serve the chapter 2018-2019 for Vice Presidents and 2018-2020 for Directors-at-Large. The election process is underway in accordance with the PMIWDC Bylaws and in line with association practices. If eligible and interested, you can become a nominee in one of two ways: either through the Nominating Committee process or by petition. The deadline for consideration is July 24, 2017.

The following positions are available to be filled by nomination and election:

  • VP of Technology
  • VP of Professional Development
  • VP Operations Services
  • Directors-at-Large (3): 3-year term

How to Apply

There are two ways to be nominated for a board position: by nomination, or by petition.

Members who express interest before July 24 may be nominated by the "Nomination Committee Process" below.

Members who express interest after July 24 must complete the petition process.

Instructions for both processes are below.

Nomination Committee Process:

To be considered by the Nominations Committee, applicants must show they meet the requirements for eligibility and submit the following items via email to no later than July 24, 2017:

  1. 2017 Qualifications Form
  2. A digital photograph (to be included with the announcement of the slate of candidates, if applicant is selected to run for the open position).

Petition Process

To be considered after July 24, applicants must submit a petition to the Nominating Committee with signatures from at least 5% of the chapter membership.

  • Official membership number as of the end of May, 2017 was 10,851; petitions must include a minimum of 543 signatures (5% of 10,851).
  • On each page, the petition must contain your name, your PMI number, and the position for which you wish to compete.
  • Signatures on the petition must identify the name of the signer, both printed and signature, their PMI number, their email address and phone number.
  • The signed petition is due to the Nominating Committee ( by August 18th at 5:00 pm. A downloadable form is provided (PDF).

Directors-at-Large (3)

Directors-at-Large shall exercise independent accountability and responsibility on matters of governance and oversight in the best interest of the membership ensuring that activities and decisions are in alignment with the Chapter Charter, Bylaws, vision, and mission statements. Directors-at-Large shall have had previous service to the Chapter as a Vice President prior to installation.

Vice Presidents (3)

Vice Presidents shall have had previous service to the Chapter as a Vice President, Assistant Vice President, Event Project Manager, or Committee Chair prior to installation and shall be elected by the general membership for a term of two years. Terms shall be staggered such that elections are held for half the Vice Presidents each year. An individual may not hold any specific Vice President position for more than two consecutive terms. The following VP roles are up for election for 2017:

VP Technology: Technology has operational responsibilities aimed at implementing the Board’s decisions and achievement of the Chapter’s strategic goals through the use of technology. This includes providing an overall technology infrastructure that supports/enables the Board and Chapter operations/evolution, serving as the steward of the Chapter’s website, managing the Chapter’s technology vendors, serving as a technology SME to the Chapter, and liaising with PMI’s Enterprise Architecture initiative.

VP Professional Development: Responsible for numerous activities that support the continuing program and project management training and education of chapter members. Specific professional development activities include managing, scheduling and coordinating the PMIWDC PMP Prep classes, Seminars, Webinars, and Mentoring, as well as other educational programs.

VP Operations Services: Operations Services provides support functions that maintain the strategic direction of the Chapter and the alignment of its operations, provides support to the PMIWDC chapter leadership and maintenance of uniform processes in the areas of chapter event processes, contract negotiation and management, and records management. Development and documentation of PMIWDC event management processes, and identification of event policy needs, Also solicits, negotiates and manages contracts that support the chapter, including the association management services contract and maintains records of all business meetings of the Chapter and meetings of the Board and be the recipient of all formal communications to the Board. Operations Services is also responsible for managing the coordination of the volunteers who support the PMIWDC chapter. This includes assisting board members with posting open volunteer positions and planning volunteer recognition.

Please send questions and forms to Catherine Sweeney at