Falling In Love With Agile

The Project Management Institute formally embraced Agile with the publication of the PMBOK 6th Edition® and the Agile Practice Guide. Agile is no longer coming. Agile is here!

In this presentation, Alan Zucker will share the secrets of Agile and why it is so alluring. Like a good romance, Agile can brighten our day, lighten our load, and change our outlook.

Agile makes for happier customers. Agile projects are more likely to be successful. They deliver value incrementally. They embrace change. And, customers are involved in the process.

High-performing Agile and DevOps teams are more likely to recommend them to friends and colleagues. Agile practices create empowered and committed teams.

As with all changes, becoming Agile can be difficult. But like falling love, going Agile is worth the effort.

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About the Speaker

Alan Zucker, PMP, ACP

Project Management Essentials
Founding Principal

Alan Zucker was practicing Agile techniques well before the term was coined. In the early 1990s he employed the agile principles of collaboration, minimal documentation, to deliver a mission critical, mainframe application for the US Treasury. His agile skills were further honed during his years in the fast paced and dynamic telecommunications industry. He also played a leadership role in the Agile transformation of a major financial institution; during this period, the number of annual production releases increased 4-fold, average release durations declined by two-thirds, and project management execution costs were cut in half.

In 2016, he founded Project Management Essentials to provide training and advisory services. He provides Agile, DevOps, and traditional project management training. He also works closely with his clients as they transform their practices.

Alan received his undergraduate degree from The George Washington University and a Master’s Degree in Economics from the University of Maryland. He holds a Masters Certificate in IT Project Management from the George Washington University and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and Agile Professional (ACP) by the Project Management Institute (PMI). He also holds Agile certifications as a Scrum Master (CSM) and Scale Agilist (SAFe 4.0 SA).

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