PM Point of View #34: High Impact Community Leaders

Leaders ask the hard questions, the ones others don’t; and they push to get constructive results. And they do this will elevating others to be at their best, making not just a difference, but a continuous difference, by coalescing people around a vision. This motivates others to do what they didn’t even know they could do.” This is some of what you will hear on this episode that talks to the intersection of PMs and leadership. PMs have the motivation, skills and training to bring people together and so make for a great leadership pool—and the PMIWDC chapter is driven to enable more than better PMs, but rather, leaders. Listen in to the PMIWDC chapter’s journey in defining its values and its approach to engaging members in making “High Impact Community Leaders” real. Including many Board and membership voices, discover 2016 VP of Programs, Uma Hiremagalur, design of Values Workshop and Volunteer Fair to initiate the journey to leadership with hundreds of chapter participants, while engaging chapter board members, executive leadership, volunteers, and local nonprofit organizations. Listen, learn, and get a free PDU! High Impact Community Leaders PM Point of View® (PM-POV) is a podcast series produced by Final Milestone Productions and PMIWDC. PM-POV allows our membership and the public at large to listen to brief and informative conversations with beltway area practioners and executives as they discuss various perspectives on project management -- its uses, its shortcomings, its changes, and its future. Listeners can send comments and suggestions for topics and guests to PM Point of View® is a registered trademark of M Powered Strategies, Inc.

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