PM Point of View: "Pragmatism from the Ivory Tower" featuring John Cable, Executive Director, Center for Excellence in Project Management

“Pragmatism from the Ivory Tower” (Podcast #03)

The dramatic increase in project management degree programs leads us to ask, “what is the academic inquiry telling us about the future project management that we hadn't anticipated?” and Mr. John Cable of the university of Maryland obliges us with answers.

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About the Speakers

John H. Cable, R.A., PMP

Center for Excellence in Project Management
Executive Director

Mr. Cable is the Executive Director of the Project Management Center for Excellence, as well as a licensed architect and general contractor with over 40 years’ experience. Since joining the Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland in the fall of 1999, John initiated the graduate program in project management which includes two undergraduate minors, two master’s degrees, a graduate certificate, and a PhD program.

He created the Center for Excellence in Project Management and teaches courses in Project Management Fundamentals, and Managing Projects in a Dynamic Environment. John is widely sought after for his seminars and workshops on a variety of Project Management topics. In 2012, he was awarded PMI’s 2012 Distinguished Contribution Award for his leadership of the Global Accreditation Center.

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