Social Media: A Briefing for Project Managers

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Event Date
Start At : Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 5:30pm
End At : Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 6:30pm

Social Media: A Briefing for Project Managers


Allen Evitts


This PM Tools is free of charge and registration is not required, however, check back in upcoming months as changes are being made to registration requirements.


Immediately before the Fairview Park Dinner meeting. at 5:30pm.


New Location!

Fairview Park Marriott
3111 Fairview Park Drive
Falls Church, Virginia 22042

About the Program

This presentation is designed for the working project manager.  This presentation uses real life examples of how social media, the relationships it fosters and the information it yields are useful in managing project.  At the end, project managers can determine their next best steps.

The lecture covers:

  • Social Media defined.  How it used by people in business today and the direction it is heading.
  • The dark side of Social Media and how to protect yourself.
  • How projects are already touched by Social Media.
  • What tools have been evolving in Social Media and how can they be used by Project Managers.
    • Building relationships
    • Mining the data
    • Contributing and building a presence
  • Examples of Social Media in Projects.
    • Case 1: Onboarding a team and managing their expectations
    • Case 2: Building risk mitigation strategies
    • Case 3: Managing vendor relationships
    • Case 4: Strengthening communications within the team and organization
    • Case 5: Getting the next project
  • The possible penalties of not having a Social Media presence.
  • Resources that available to you.
  • Developing personal and team strategies.
  • QA

About the Speaker

Allen Evitts

Allen Evitts is a teacher, writer, speaker, storyteller and project manager. He’s the founder and CEO of Essential Project Manager, a project management training and consulting company based in Raleigh, NC. Allen earned his Master’s degree in Communications from Georgia State University and worked on a Doctorate in Mathematics at Emory University in Atlanta. He is experienced in all aspects of effective project management, having honed his skills by managing multi-million dollar projects for AT&T, General Electric, Bellsouth, and Cingular Wireless.

Allen’s diverse background is the result of working in the Hospitality, Finance, and Performing Arts as well as Telecom and IT industries. As a teacher, he has conducted numerous seminars including Leadership Skills for Project Managers, the One Page Project Plan, and Dealing with Difficult People: Practical Communications. His new book entitled "Essential Project Manager: a new Philosophy for Managing Projects" is scheduled for release this summer.


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