Bringing Home the Bacon!

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Event Date
Start At : Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 5:30pm
End At : Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 6:30pm

Bringing Home the Bacon!


Larry Tracy

Location and Cost


Free Program - No Cost to AttendPM Tools is always free of charge, and registration is not required.


5:30pm - immediately before the Crystal City Dinner.


Sheraton Crystal City
1800 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, VA 22202

Metro accessible via Crystal City station.
The Sheraton is across the street from the metro station. Cross Jefferson Davis Highway to reach the event.

About the Program

When a proposal "makes the cut" for a Government contract, the project manager, who has probably had little input in the written proposal, is now asked to win the contract with his/her orals team. This PMTools session will show PMs how they can insert themselves early in the proposal process so they and the writers can jointly collaborate for contract-winning synergy

About the Speaker

President Ronald Reagan described Larry Tracy  as “An extraordinarily effective speaker.” He was an Army colonel assigned to the State Department at the time, debating controversial foreign policy issues throughout the country. He is now cited as one of the top presentation skills trainers/coaches in the country in publications such as the Information Please Business Almanac and Sourcebook, published by Houghton-Mifflin, Best of the Best, published by Insight Publishing, and What to Say When… You’re Dying on the Platform, published by McGraw-Hill. In the later book, he is featured as one of the nation’s leading authorities in training presenters to face resistant and skeptical audiences. He conducts coaching for corporations and government agencies, and trains corporate teams how to deliver winning oral presentations for government contracts.

Larry’s book, The Shortcut to Persuasive Presentations, published by Imprint Books, Charleston, SC, distills the techniques he teaches in his executive workshops, and is the text for the Oral Presentations Course at the Center for Leadership Education at Johns Hopkins University.
He is a member of PMI/PMIWDC, as well as the National Speakers Association and the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). His basic message to his fellow APMP member is that they should work hand-in-glove with Project managers/orals team from the pre-RFP to the orals. In 2010 he has carried this message in presentations to the International Conference of the APMP in Orlando, as well as APMP Conferences in Boston and Atlanta and to the Annual conference of the APMP-UK in Nottingham,  England.

He was on the cover of the July 2005 issue of American Speaker Magazine, the most prestigious publication on public speaking instruction, and his speech “Taming Hostile Audiences” was described by the Editor as “an outstanding speech…teaching a number of invaluable lessons in how to give a winning performance, even to the most hostile of audiences.” The speech had originally been delivered in January 2005 to the Washington, D.C Chapter of the National Speakers Association, and was subsequently published in the March 1, 2005 Vital Speeches of the Day, along with speeches by President Bush and Federal Reserve Chairman Greenspan.

His speaking and coaching flows not from classroom theory, but instead from his “real-world experience. He served as Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Presentations Branch, the Pentagon’s top briefing team, responsible for daily intelligence presentations to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Secretary of Defense and other Defense Department officials. He was later assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and was deeply involved in formulating US policy in Latin America. Because of his speaking skills, the White House directed the Army to detail him to the State Department.  He subsequently spoke and debated almost 400 times on controversial foreign policy issues before some of the most demanding, even hostile, audiences in the country, leading to the comment from President Reagan.

He has appeared on numerous television programs, including Crossfire, Nightline, and CNN World news, as well as leading Spanish-language networks. A graduate of St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, he holds an MA from Georgetown University, and is a graduate of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College and the Inter-American Defense College. He speaks fluent Spanish, has lived in Argentina and Bolivia, and conducts workshops in Spanish for Latin American executives who must make presentations in English, helping them learn to do so in the time-sensitive, "bottom line" style to which U.S. clients are accustomed.


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