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Project Management across the Realms: How Both Early, Recent Adopters of Project Management Practices Stand to Benefit

As a wide variety of organizations play catch-up to what many in the construction management and engineering fields have long known about the benefits of adopting project management practices, new schools of thought continue to emerge, thereby expanding the breadth and scope of project management at large.

Once viewed primarily as a means for tackling complex engineering projects, project management today offers methodologies for initiating, planning, and executing projects for organizations of all shapes, sizes, and focus areas.

Featured Board Article - May 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Marketing Operational Area

A featured board article by Veronica Ortiz, VP Marketing

Veronica Ortiz, VP Marketing

Our new Marketing Vice President, Veronica Ortiz, is pleased to announce that in 2016 a major focus of the Marketing team is creating value for our sponsors with an emphasis on customized sponsorship packages tailored to your unique needs.

Offering exposure through events, email, social media, and the PMIWDC website, we are committed to getting your company's message, along with your products and services out to the area's premier project professionals spanning a broad base of industries.

And for our members we will offer events that touch all legs of the talent triangle and offer the right mix of opportunity for education, making a difference, and having fun!

Featured Board Article - May 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Programs Operational Area

A featured board article by Uma Hiremagalur, VP Programs

Uma Hiremagalur, VP Programs

This is an edited transcript of an interview with our chapter’s Audio pioneer Uma Hiremagalur, VP Programs, where she gives us an update on the Programs area which she has led during her term of 2015-2016.

This is pretty exciting, you took over this term in the middle of last year as I remember.

Uma: That’s correct it’s actually a little less than a year at this point.

In general can you tell us what the Programs Operational Area is about?

Uma: The Programs OA is to provide 1-2 PDU events for our membership. We have the PM in the AM, which are breakfast series in DC, we have PM Saturdays which are breakfast series out in Virginia and we have our monthly chapter events which is PM Tools and “PM Talks” (dinner events).

So it’s a lot of focus on making sure people have something to learn, in a content sense and also this opportunity to network.

New Credential Holders in March 2016

Congratulations to these 47 new credential holders in March 2016!

Chief Financial Officer's Report on Fiscal Year 2015

This is my fifth annual report as your CFO and 2015 was a welcome recovery from the challenges of 2014. I am continuing my commitment to transparency and giving insight into the inner financial workings of our chapter. I am pleased to announce that your PMIWDC Board of Directors made some very difficult decisions and continued to be fiscally responsible managing our $1.1 million FY15 budget.

Project Management: Driving Business Results across Government, Industry, and Academe

For decades, fields such as construction, engineering, and architecture have long implemented project management practices. But, it was only in recent years that many government, industry, and academic organizations took their first strides toward adopting project management strategies - and the tangible benefits these organizations have reported have and continue to help elevate the field of project management at large.

New Credential Holders in February 2016

Congratulations to these 29 new credential holders in February 2016!