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Featured Board Article - December 2015 Newsletter

End of Year Update

A letter from Elizabeth McQueen, 2015 PMIWDC Chair / Chief Executive Officer

Elizabeth McQueen, 2015 Chair / CEODear PMIWDC Chapter Members,

Happy holidays! As my year as PMIWDC's 2015 Chair / CEO comes to a close, please allow me to recap some highlights of this very notable year in our chapter.

We started out the year with the first annual Project Management Day of Service (PMDOS), a joint effort by the five local PMI chapters to bring experienced project managers together on the MLK holiday to work with local non-profit organizations to help them scope their projects. During this very successful event, 350 certified PMs worked pro bono with nearly 100 non-profits to help them plan to spend their limited funds wisely on their projects. We received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and the 5 chapters are already working on the 2016 PMDOS event!

New Credential Holders in October 2015

Congratulations to these 71 new credential holders in October 2015!

Earn PDUs by Helping Those Who Help Others

Registration for the Project Management Day of Service (PMDoSTM) is now open! We’re seeking 800 passionate volunteers from the Greater DC and Baltimore metro areas.

Chaos, Beautiful Chaos—Bring your Business Cards! The PMIWDC 2015 Volunteer Fair (Part 8 of 7 - The Bonus Edition)

If Tolkien and Asimov can write 4 part trilogies, I can write an 8 part septilogy. First let me say: sign up to come and volunteer. Sign up now:

The Call to Leadership (and up to 3 PDUs for the price of 1!): The PMIWDC 2015 Volunteer Fair (Part 7 of 7)

(late breaking update -- bring a friend even as a walk-in, and you both can get a free PM Tools meeting in 2016 -- that's another PDU each)

The end of our analysis of the volunteer fair is here. And now you can follow the info and events on twitter at: #PMIWDCVolunteerFair. The claims of why you should come have ranged from networking to innovation to doing good to getting PDUs. But there is one last thing: running the place. Uma Hiremagalur (VP Programs) wrote:

“Now It Gets Personal—Your Brand,” The PMIWDC 2015 Volunteer Fair (part 6 of 7)

No, no , no—them’s not fightin’ words! It gets personal for you. It’s your image, your brand. Own it. Grow it. And, just in case…

How beauteous a volunteer is! O brave new world, That has such people in't!”-- The PMIWDC 2015 Volunteer Fair (Part 5 of 7)

Okay, so that is not exactly what Shakespeare wrote in “The Tempest,” but he is so good at writing, what can you do but to paraphrase him? In 4 earlier parts of this analysis, I got into what the PMIWDC Board is pitching here with the Volunteer Fair. With this sentence though, I think they really hit the key point of interest for me as a professional and perhaps for you:

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your awesome PM skillz to a whole new crowd of people who really need what you bring to the table.