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New Credential Holders in July 2016

Congratulations to these 39 new credential holders in July 2016!

Featured Board Article - August 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Professional Alliances Operational Area

A featured board article by Lisa Iannuzzi, VP Professional Alliances

Lisa Iannuzzi, VP Professional Alliances

Professional Alliances leads the chapter in developing relationships within the local professional organizations as well as promote the profession of project management. This year the Professional Alliances team is focusing on our local military community.

Professional Alliances Goal

Our goal is to connect Military Service Personnel with chapter resources, guide them in developing a new professional career path in Project Management, and assist them through Project Management mentorship, training, and education.

New Credential Holders in June 2016

Congratulations to these 46 new credential holders in June 2016!

Featured Board Article - July 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Educational Partnerships Operational Area

A featured board article by Mike Hannan, VP Educational Partnerships

Mike Hannan, VP Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships focuses on expanding its reach into local high schools and universities, helping spur interest in our profession by demonstrating the power of Project Management as a professional discipline and as a life skill.

Over the past year, PMIWDC has begun to integrate its engagement with area colleges and universities in a way that presents a "single face" to each relationship, with partnership levels incorporating aspects of student engagement, student mentoring, guest lecturing, cross-promotion of PM conferences, sponsorship of chapter events, and more.

New Credential Holders in May 2016

Congratulations to these 62 new credential holders in May 2016!

Featured Board Article - June 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Networking Operational Area

A featured board article by Farnaz Ravandi, VP Networking

Farnaz Ravandi, VP Networking

My main goal as the new VP of Networking is to promote PMIWDC’s professional networking events as the main venue in Washington DC’s metro area to meet and network with professionals in the project management community and young professionals (30 and under) interested in becoming project management professionals. In addition, I am committed to fulfilling PMIWDC’s pledge to give back to the community through supporting events that will showcase the impact of the project management community in making the world a better place to live.

New Credential Holders in April 2016

Congratulations to these 47 new credential holders in April 2016!