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Featured Board Article - November 2016 Newsletter

Celebrating the Power of Volunteerism – With Deep Gratitude and Appreciation!

A featured board article by Priyank Shah, VP Volunteer Coordination

Priyank Shah, VP Volunteer Coordination

The dedication, commitment, and the drive to give back to the community that our volunteers bring, is contagious and inspirational! We are proud to be able to use the skills we have acquired in our professions to support volunteer causes, which aptly reflects in our philosophy of becoming and serving as – High-Impact Community Leaders.

We are thriving and succeeding, and this is possible because of the selfless dedication and professionalism of our volunteers that chose to give their most prized possession – their personal time and expertise, to the cause they support, this indeed is a sacrifice that makes us all stronger.

Instituting Efficiency through Collaborative Effort | By Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

I am honored to serve as the representative for Virginia’s Tenth Congressional District, which is home to a remarkably diverse population both in terms of traditional demographics as well as professions. Our corner of Northern Virginia is home to tens of thousands of federal employees who have the expertise and experience to help solve many of our problems. But we also have countless government contractors, non-profits, and private sector businesses that play an integral part in streamlining the way in which projects are tackled.

Not Your “Average” Project Manager

University of Maryland project management alumni wear a wide variety of hats – including many of the non-construction variety. While the Project Management Center for Excellence is housed within the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and designed with engineers and architects in mind, 80 percent of UMD project management graduate students hail from technical backgrounds other than civil engineering. Yet, in cases where graduates go on to assume career roles outside the realm of engineering, there seems to be a common sentiment: the skills one masters through engineering education come in handy when faced with a host of problem-solving challenges.

New Credential Holders in September 2016

Congratulations to these 45 new credential holders in September 2016!

2017+ Board Election Results Announced

The 2016 Nominations Committee is pleased to announce the results for the 2017 + board election.

Featured Board Article - October 2016 Newsletter

Updates from PMIWDC's Finance Operational Area

A featured board article by Jonathan Reynolds, VP Finance

Jonathan Reynolds, VP Finance2016 has been an exciting and innovative year for Finance. We started the year by converting our old accounting system to a cloud solution. Our new accounting software ensures that we are current, secure, and operating efficiently. We also took this opportunity to integrate with a new cloud-based accounts payable tool, which gives us greater control over our payments to vendors and volunteers. In addition, we changed the front end of expense reporting from an antiquated Excel workbook, to a cloud form within our password protected SharePoint site. We have already seen our expense reimbursement timelines decrease from a month to less than a week with direct deposit, and a decrease in entry errors. Best of all, because of the integration with our accounting system, there is less time spent coding and transferring documents, resulting in time and cost savings for the chapter.

A New Era for Project Management: Is Technology Taking the Field by Storm?

On Nov. 21, 2014, the University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering celebrated a milestone: the ceremonial groundbreaking of what now stands as the tallest academic building on the College Park campus, A. James Clark Hall.

In less than two years’ time, the UMD community witnessed the transformation of a parking lot into a 184,000-square-foot state-of-the-art facility to foster world-class engineering research and educational programs. The building itself is a marvel in structural engineering. Behind the scenes, one of construction’s “latest and greatest” tools – virtualization – was put to use, making all the difference in the design, construction, and building maintenance planning process.

For many, the words “virtual reality” call to mind video gaming. In truth, “VR” has been used for everything from preparing soldiers for combat with the help of battlefield simulations, to allowing NBA basketball players the opportunity to practice free throws from the comfort of their own living room.