Chapter History

The Washington, DC Chapter of the Project Management Institute (PMI) was chartered in 1978 as the eighth chapter of PMI. The chapter became a Virginia corporation in 2000 with the official name of Project Management Institute Washington, D. C. Chapter, Inc. (PMIWDC).

The original focus was on the construction industry. The primary sponsor was Arthur Anderson.  In the ensuing years the chapter grew to become the largest chapter in the world and expanded its focus to the many industries and government areas embracing Project Management. This document highlights some of the key facts and milestones achieved during those years. 


Year President Trustee
1978-1979   James Jones
1980 Phil Harris James Jones
1981-1983 Lewis R. Ireland James Jones
1984 John R. Healy James Jones
1985 Mark A. Smith James Jones
1986 Robert Steelman Lew Ireland
1987 Rudy B. Garrity Lew Ireland
1988-1989 Rushton M. Williamson, Jr. Lew Ireland
1990-1991 James C. Gilstrap Lew Ireland
1992-1993 Robert Shrader Lew Ireland
1994-1996 Billy Stone Lew Ireland
1997-1998 George Patton Rushtom M. Williamson, Jr
1999-2000 Bruce R. Shaw Rushtom M. Williamson, Jr
2001-2002 Cheryl J. Walker Rushtom M. Williamson, Jr
2003-2004 A. Chris Fristad Rushtom M. Williamson, Jr
2005-2006 A. Andrew Anderson Rushtom M. Williamson, Jr
2007-2008 Ronald Taylor Bruce R. Shaw
2009 Linda Cantey Bruce R. Shaw
2010 Richard Marinucci Mark Tolbert
2011 David Offenkrantz Mark Tolbert
2012 Darla Howard-Ramirez Mark Tolbert
2013 Catherine Sweeney Mark Tolbert
2014 Kendall Lott Richard Marinucci
2015 Elizabeth McQueen Richard Marinucci
2016 Esen Akter Tekinel Catherine Sweeney
2017 Andy Walker Catherine Sweeney
2018 Kevin Roney Catherine Sweeney


PMIWDC Anniversary Recognitions:

  • 1993 - 15 years
  • 1998 - 20 years
  • 2003 - 25 years
  • 2008 - 30 years
  • 2013 - 35 years
  • 2018 - 40 years


Chapter Awards from PMI

Year Awards
1982 Chapter of the Year
1985 Sustained Activity
1988 Sustained Activity
1989 Chapter of the Year
1990 Sustained Superior Performance
Chapter of the Year
1991 Sustained Superior Performance
1992 Sustained Superior Performance
1993 Sustained Superior Performance
1996 Sustained Superior Performance
1997 Sustained Superior Performance
Chapter of the Year (5+ years)
1998 Sustained Superior Performance
1999 Sustained Superior Performance
Chapter Professional Development Award
Project of the Year Sponsor Finalist
2000 Sustained Superior Performance
2001 Sustained Superior Performance
2002 Sustained Superior Performance
2003 Project of the Year Sponsor Finalist
2006 Component Award for Community Involvement
2007 Component of the Year
Volunteer Program Recognition of Excellence
2008 Component Leadership Award
Component Collaboration Award
Component of the Year Recognition of Excellence Volunteer Program Recognition of Excellence
Volunteer of the Year
Volunteer of the Year Recognition of Excellence
2009 Component Award for Leadership, Planning & Operations
Component of the Year Recognition of Excellence
Collaboration & Outreach Recognition of Excellence
2010 Component of the Year
Component Award for Leadership, Planning & Operations
Component Award for Collaboration & Outreach
2011 Recognition of Excellence for Volunteer Program
2012 PMI Chapter Award for Volunteer Program
Recognition of Excellence for Leadership, Planning & Operations
2013 Leadership, Planning, and Operations Award
2014 Chapter of the Year Award


Significant Chapter Events / Milestones

1983-84 – Lew Ireland was named PMI’s Person of the Year.  Lew is currently a Fellow.
Mark Smith, Lew Ireland, Davidson Frame, and Rush Williamson have all received PMI’s second highest award, the “Distinguished Contribution Award.”

1984 – The first Chapter Seminar was held.

1985 – The first vendor show called “Computer Shootout” (all the vendors were computer software dealers) was held.

1989 – The chapter hosted the first Region II chapter meeting

1989 – Davidson Frame became PMI’s first Director of Certification.  Lew Ireland, Rush Williamson, and Clay Myers were on the PMP advisory committee.

1991 –The first PMP review course series was offered as an ongoing professional development seminar.

1994-95 Davidson Frame was named PMI’s Person of the Year.

1995 – The chapter became PMI’s largest chapter
1995 – The chapter sponsored the formation of the Baltimore, MD chapter and assisted in establishing their PMP program.
Additional chapters subsequently supported were Southern Maryland, Montgomery County and Silver Spring.

1999 – Chapter membership crossed the 1000 mark.

2000 – New bylaws were written and adopted reflecting the growth of the chapter.
2000 - The chapter was formally incorporated in the state of Virginia, with the official name: Project Management Institute Washington, D. C. Chapter, Inc.

2002 – The first of the chapter’s ongoing Knowledge Exchange Forums was held.

2004 – PM Tools sessions were begun prior to each meeting, making an additional PDU available to the membership each month.

2005 – The Quantico Outreach Committee was chartered as the first joint effort between PMIWDC and PMICVC (Central Virginia Chapter) to serve members near chapter borders.
2005– Chapter membership crossed the 5000 mark.
2005 – The Chapter to Chapter Program was launched.

2006 – Potomac Management Resources was hired to provide management support services.

2007 – The Corporate Outreach Program was launched.
2007 – First Leadership Session held to train and mentor volunteers to become  officers and Board members.
2007 – The first Career Day was held enabling members and prospective employers to match job interests and opportunities.
2007 – The chapter Strategic Map was created, linking the chapter’s operational objectives and strategic goals to PMI’s Strategic Plan.
2007 – The chapter Operational Plan was created, requiring Board members with budgetary responsibilities to create annual budgets and to track planned and actual revenues and expenditures, providing greater financial discipline and visibility for chapter operations.
2007 – The first endowed chapter scholarship fund was established in support of the PMI Educational Foundation “Building Better Futures” initiative.
2007 – The Frederick dinner meeting series was launched as the first joint effort between PMIWDC and the Baltimore chapter to serve the interests of members of both chapters.
2007 – The first breakfast meeting series in downtown DC, “PM in the A.M.” was launched.
2007 – BAE Systems became the chapter’s first Gold Level Corporate Sponsor.

2008 – Aaron Hall receives PMI Volunteer of the Year Recognition of Excellence
2008 – Shirley Buchanan receives PMI Volunteer of the Year
2008 – Ron Taylor receives PMI Component Leader of the Year
2008 – Global Knowledge became the chapter’s first Silver Level Corporate Sponsor.
2008 – The first chapter Annual Report and the first chapter Business Plan were created.
2008 – Chapter membership crossed the 8000 mark.
2008 – Gantthead became the chapter’s first Platinum Level Corporate sponsor.
2008 – New bylaws were approved for 2009 implementation, providing for a Governance Board and Operations Board to better administer the needs and services of the chapter.

2009 – The United States Marshal Service community was launched.
2009 – The Alexandria Brownbag community was launched.
2009 – The Keller Graduate School of Management community was launched.
2009 - PM After Hours membership networking program established.

2010 - The Chapter board splits into a Governance Board and Operations Board.

2011 - Chapter membership crosses the 10,000 mark.
2011 - Monthly Chapter Dinner meetings moved from Tysons Corner to Fairview Park.
2011 - Reston Luncheon community launched.
2011 - Governance Director at Large term limits set.
2011 - Establishment of a PMIWDC endowed scholarship.
2011 - "New Member Meet and Greet" program established by the membership team which welcomes new members at monthly Chapter dinner meetings.

2012 - PM Saturday community launched serving Price William County members.
2012 - Career Day becomes the annual Chapter Project Management Symposium.
2012 - Creation of the Past Chair role.
2012 - PMIWDC endowed scholarship renamed as Clay Myers Memorial Academic Scholarship.
2013 - Board of Birectors was reorganized, resulting in the creation of VP of Educational Partnerships and VP of Professional Alliances, which replaced VP of Outreach. VP of Records Management, and VP of Business Services were collapsed into one position, VP of Operations Services, and the VP of Networking position was created.

Strategic Alliances

The chapter has formed alliances with other organizations to promote, advance and reinforce professional project management practices and principles.  Alliances include:

  • Women in Technology (WIT) – 2005
  • Toastmasters International (TI) - 2006
  • Agile Project Leadership Network (APLN) - 2008
  • Association of Business Process Management Professionals (ABPMP) - 2008
  • International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) - 2008
  • National Association of Minority Government Contractors (NAMGC) – 2008
  • NOVA Community College - 2009
  • George Washington University - 2009

Luncheon Meetings

The Skyline Luncheon meeting, chartered in 2003 under the guidance of Roy Burton, was the first of many luncheon meetings.  These meetings provide an opportunity for members and other project managers to meet and network at various convenient locations within the chapter’s geographical area. Luncheon meetings have begun in over a dozen venues since then.

Year Location
2003 Skyline
2004 Chantilly
2005 Quantico
2005 Department of Labor
2006 Central Intelligence Agency
2006 Federal Bureau of Investigation
2006 Fairview Park
2006 Defense Intelligence Agency
2007 McPherson Square
2007 Tyson’s Corner
2007 Fauquier County
2007 Fair Lakes
2008 M2D2 Monthly Dowtown DC Meetings
2008 Internal Revenue Service
2008 Federal Aviation Agency
2009 United States Marshal Service
2009 Alexandria
2009 Keller Graduate School of Management  
2011 Navy Federal Credit Union
2011 Reston
2013 Shenandoah Valley
2013 Loudoun
2017 Dunn Loring
2017 Sunrise Valley
2017 Ashburn


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