Board of Directors

Governance Board

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Andy Walker
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Kevin Roney
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Jason Legum
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Dannette Richards
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Jennifer Carter
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Uma Hiremagalur
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Dominic Lepore
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Susan Schwartz
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Diana Snably
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Esen Akter Tekinel
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Catherine Sweeney

Operations Board

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VP Operations Services
Gary Buchheim
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VP Local Communities
Laura Hampton
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VP Professional Alliances
Lisa Iannuzzi
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VP Technology
Erik Laubacher
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VP Marketing
Veronica Ortiz
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VP Professional Development
John Pan
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VP Membership
Aravin Rangarajan
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VP Finance
Jonathan Reynolds
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VP Volunteer Coordination
Priyank Shah
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VP Educational Partnerships
Michael Spead
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VP Programs
John White
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AVP Local Community
Ankur Agarwal
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AVP Professional Development
De'Mesha Alford
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AVP Financial Management
Sara Anderson
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AVP Financial Planning
Samuel Betah
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AVP Sponsorship
Kimberly Braendel
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AVP Volunteer Development
Angela Chang
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AVP Process Development and Maintenance
Ellen Clifford
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AVP Education
Hillah Culman
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AVP Professional Alliances
Jennifer Czajkowski
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AVP New Members
Jennifer Glover
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AVP Technical Operations
Victoria Guido
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AVP Networking
Vishal Khokha
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AVP Evening Programs
Grant Kuhnsman
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AVP Special Programs
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AVP Contract Services
Michelle Leete
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AVP K-12 Education
Marsha Marinich
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AVP Procurement
Lisa Mattler
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AVP Technology
Kevin McDonald
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AVP Retention
Richard Perry
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AVP Webinars
Ingrid Peterson
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AVP Program Development
John Shettel
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AVP Mentoring
Lulit Tesfaye
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AVP Event Services
Liana Underwood