2017 PM Symposium

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Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 8:00am - 5:00pm
2017 PM Symposium

The PM Symposium provides a forum focused on developing project managers of all skill levels through professional development opportunities (7 PDUs will be available throughout the day). The symposium is also an opportunity for companies to meet project managers seeking career transition and matching interests, skills, and experience to their needs. If you are active in the project management community, don’t miss the premiere Symposium for the DC Metro Area.

The 2017 PM Symposium will feature exciting speakers addressing topics focused on project management. In addition we will be offering free professional headshots for all attendees!

This year's PM Symposium will feature 15 breakout speakers and 2 keynote speakers covering:

  • People in Project Management
  • Project Management in Industry
  • Tools, Techniques, and Best Practices.

Check out the Agenda to see this year's speakers and topics.

All sessions will be worth PDU credits for PMPs with up to 7 PDUs available throughout the day.

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The PM Symposium offers excellent sponsorship opportunities for any size company. Display information about your organization and network with attendees at an exhibit table with one of our supporting sponsorship packages, or choose one of our exclusive sponsorships offering unique opportunities to sponsor the keynote room or a breakout session room.

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Symposium Abstracts

Optimizing Strategy Execution in a Disruptive Environment: Lessons Learned at the US Postal Service

The US Postal Service, an organization with over $70 billion dollars in annual revenue, more than 500,000 career employees, and over 31,000 retail outlets, has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years to recover from years of revenue losses and to respond to changes in the digital marketplace and political uncertainty. Mr. Emil Dzuray, Director of Strategic Planning, will review the US Postal Service’s strategic journey through radical cost cutting and transformation to recent revenue growth. He will review the Postal Service’s efforts to develop a cadre of managers and staff with the project...

The Happy PM Series: Who, What, Where, How & Why of PM Happiness at Work

Happiness at work – healthy people, working in a good organization, with high personal motivation, and a net positive emotional work climate – is linked with stronger performance outcomes. This presentation will report on progress and future plans for this collaborative research project exploring the happiness at work of PM’s globally, documenting the impact of PM happiness at work on PM outcomes and describing/testing interventions to better support PM happiness at work.

Change Management for Leaders: Preparing for an Unknown Future

The latest Gallop study on the State of the American Workplace states that only 33% of employees are engaged in their work. Uncertainty and change only increase the likelihood that employees will be less engaged in work. Techniques will be discussed to help project managers understand natural reactions to change and how to increase project team member engagement. Participants will leave with an understanding of the tools needed to help increase project success in a changing environment.

Confronting the Broken Procurement Process in Construction

The construction industry is rife with contention between industry members. From suppliers, to subcontractors, to GCs, to builders and owners, there is strife in every relationship. As a result of these contentious relationships, more than half of all projects end in some form of litigation. Neuberger...

Stakeholder Views of Successful Responses to RFPs and How Project Managers Can Help

All stakeholders involved in a federal government Request for Proposal (RFP) have a shared interest in making sure the process goes smoothly and effectively. From the identification of requirements on the government side to the description of how the requirements can be met on the contractor side, the successful completion of this acquisition process can ensure the appropriate return on investment for both agency and contractor. But the process does not always go smoothly. Is the RFP written in a way that contracting companies understand what is required? Are proposals written so that it's clear how all requirements will be met? Where are the sticking points that each party should be aware of? How can...

The Future is Here - More Strategic Vision, Less Red Tape

Based on 25 years of research, we predict that future project and program managers must embrace a strategic view, taking responsibility not only for product delivery but also for the project's business results, while setting the right vision and spirit in their teams. In addition, they must simplify traditional processes, by using the rule, "Less is More." This involves identifying each project's unique challenges and selecting only the minimal necessary tools for running it.

Brain Science Behind Teaching, Training, Coaching, and Mentoring

For too long, traditional classroom instructions have been created on the assumptions that they should be fact based. In the corporate world too, most of the training and lecture content is printed on power point slides. The problems we face with this approach are: learners lose interest during the training or lecturing session and/or they can not retain the information given to them. Join us as we understand and explore ways to make concept and training content stick to learners' minds. Learn ways to make training interactive, fun and enjoyable by using the learning principles.

Magic 8-Ball Risk Management

"Magic 8-Ball Risk Management" is a fun, yet informative, presentation based on Bob Mahler’s project experience. There are some very common questions that Bob has repeatedly heard and most can be easily answered with one of the 20 possible responses from a Magic 8-Ball! This presentation is for all experience levels and will touch upon the risk plan, supporting documentation, risk owners and much more. You’ll be amazed at how a Magic 8-Ball can be used to bring clarity to risk management!

It takes a Village - People in PM Take All "Shapes and Sizes"

Throughout my career, I played de facto program manager on many occasions for various requirements. The last success story in this role was as Executive Sponsor Leading a team managing a Lease/build-out project for MCC which won an FY 2016 MCC CEO Excellence Award. The convergence of everything done well and all that went right on this project was next to a miracle and the result was a true "game changer" for the agency. I offer practical tips for success.

Bringing a Life-Saving Concept to Reality Leveraging a Project Management Framework

Bringing a life-saving idea from concept to reality: Join the conversation and learn about how project managers can help lead a grassroot project idea to fruition and beyond. In this discussion we will explore how a framework was developed for a de-centralized volunteer software development team that is increasingly achieving its mission. We will also aim to collectively develop a broad framework for managing similar types of humanitarian startup efforts while soliciting audience feedback to potentially find identify solutions to existing gaps.

Good Guys Always Win, But Would More Villains Succeed with an Effective PMO?

We all have shows and movies that we love to watch where “bad guys”/villains make the same mistakes. Our beloved villains have gone astray… and this is where an effective PMO could be of great use! This talk will discuss some of the basic features of effective PMOs in the context of a few films and shows.

Survivor: How to Deal with Social Politics in Your Organization

Like the show Survivor, players have to adapt to the game of social politics to make alliances and meet their goal of success. Social politics is just as prevalent in our working lives where knowing how to deal with office politics, having a strong sense of self, and good negotiation skills are key in order to forge effective working relationships with colleagues and business partners.

Accelerated Product Development in Biotech R&D

In the biotech R&D context, product development cycles tend to be long, sometimes in multiple years. So most companies have continued to use the traditional planning processes in product development.

However, with industry lifecycle times shrinking & the pace of innovation rapidly increasing, there are intense competitive pressures for R&D to develop products faster and be first to market. To do this the industry requires different ways of working, in being cost effective & in managing risks.

In this presentation, we look at how project management can play a role in supporting accelerated product development in R&D.

Fix It or Forget It? Dealing With Troubled Projects

This session explores a key role of any PMO: recognizing troubled projects and taking action to either rescue or cancel them. We will demonstrate tools that create an early warning system for financial and other risks in the organizations that we fund, policies developed for making early notification of potential problems or soon-to-be-discontinued projects, and how to develop requirements for reviews and decision points resulting in either increased oversight or the discontinuation of failing projects.

Strength in Numbers: Finding Meaning in Big Data (and Little Data too)

Big data is supposedly the currency of the future; everyone's producing it and everyone wants to spend it. Real value is not found in data, however, but in successful analysis. Scientific study and measurement will prove to you what you already know if you let it, but setting the right goals and managing strategic analysis, with the right team on board, will help you turn a pile of data into useful currency.

Building a Continuity of Operations Program in the Department of Defense

This brief presentation will provide a case study in applying the Project Manager’s skills, experience, and organizational savvy to address a specific challenge within the DoD. It describes the problem encountered – a series of related endeavors to produce effective devolution of operations plans for mission essential processes and systems – and how to establish PMI-based best-practices produced an effective program to meet the need.

Leading Project Team Members With Servant Leadership

The objective of this course is to first understand what truly motivates the average team member and then justify and demonstrate the application of servant leadership principles. Servant Leadership is an ethical perspective toward leadership that was originally developed by Robert K. Greenleaf during the 1960’s and 1970’s and further defined by Larry Spears in 1998. It is a set of practices that enrich the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. We will discuss Spears’ ten (10) characteristics that all leaders must aspire to obtain: listening, empathy, healing, awareness, persuasion, conceptualism, foresight, stewardship,...