Is having discipline the key to a good organization transformation?

Is having discipline the key to a good organization transformation?


Lydia Ly

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This virtual event will be interactive for all participants. We have an awesome Agile coach to help guide us through this event so please be sure to be ready to have fun. Requirements for this event: Basic Computer skills, PC (no mobile devices), Mouse (no trackpad), and willingness to try something new, like a digital whiteboard.

Have you gone through an agile transformation and believe that you've done everything right based on what each of the frameworks and methodology prescribed and still wonder why things aren't better? Are you about to embark on your transformation journey and need to understand the key ingredient to have a successful journey? In the presentation, we will discuss the idea of finite and infinite games and mindset; and learn the key ingredient of making any transformation work.

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About the Speaker

Lydia Ly

I believe that every person has untouched potential -- waiting for the right time and opportunity, waiting for someone to shed the light to spark it.  Today, I know I will help someone unleash that potential because at the end: building great people is the foundation of building a great organization. --- THAT IS MY WHY!

Building high performing teams to deliver and execute quality products into the customers’ hands is key to agility. I help to transform organizations from grass-root to executive leadership to build a culture of on-going learning, trust, and partnership.  What I leave behind are top performers who are ready and willing to work with one another to make dreams happen.

The common themes through my work are:  creating strong discipline, building strong teams, finding potential in each individual, focus on strengths, creating a trusting culture, and deliver quality results.

I've worked in several industries for profit and not for profit, and have learned so much through all my experience as a software engineer, system analyst, project manager, scrum master, coach, to now COO of a small startup company. And I want to share and help each of the people I encounter through their journey to make the world a better place for all.


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