Language Power: Word Neutrality

Language Power: Word Neutrality


Francis Roman

Professional & Personal Development Coach

REI Systems Inc

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Event Date: 
Wednesday, September 20, 2017 - 11:30am - 1:00pm
Event Location: 
Leidos at Reston Town Center
11951 Freedom Dr
Reston, Virginia 20190
Agenda and Cost: 

11:00 am: Networking
12:00 pm: Program

PMIWDC Members $15
Non-Members: $15
*Lunch will be served

The Words You Use May Unconsciously Derail Your Projects

Have You Ever Thought to Yourself ...

  • Why did he get so upset at the status update meeting?
  • I can’t believe she just said that!
  • How can I get others more engaged, taking more interest and ownership of projects?

Want to see situations, others, and even yourself, in new ways so you can create more options for success? Watch your wording! As Steven Aitchinson said, “Your words have the power to hurt, to heal, open minds, open hearts and change the world. Never forget the responsibility you have over the words you speak.”

Words Can Create an Effective Environment for Your Desired Results.

As Manager:

  • Want to tap into your team’s greatest curiosity and creativity?
  • Need to uplift a coworker or specifically direct the actions of a group?
  • Wish to more fully understand your team’s emotional state?
  • Want to check your own temperature on an issue?

As Team Member:

  • Want to learn better approaches to “manage up” or “manage laterally”?
  • Need to understand why you may not be getting the input or feedback you desire?
  • Like to understand your clients better and provide actual solutions instead of just answers?
  • Wish to communicate your ideas more clearly?

This session will help with why you may think any of the above thoughts as well as how to constructively handle situations in even more productive ways – through Language! You’ll learn the Energy Ranges available to you – which ranges you should use for a specific situation and which you should avoid!

PDUs Available: 
1 PDU for Certified PMs
Talent Triangle Category: 
Strategic and Business Management

Event Keywords

Soft Skills


Effective communication, in general: audience, media / message, attention vs. "noise", etc.

About the Speaker

Francis Roman

REI Systems Inc
Professional & Personal Development Coach

Francis (Frank) Roman is an accomplished Professional and personal development coach. His perspective on Personal development hinges on simple adjustments that each one can make to see significant improvements.

Francis Roman is REI’s Professional and Personal Development Coach. He’s certified by Georgetown University and is a Practicing SOAR Program for Leaders Facilitator.

Currently he works with individuals, groups and teams within REI to achieve more of the things they want in life and less of what they don’t. Francis helps individuals help themselves to increase personal self-awareness and accountability so they can push through and beyond internal roadblocks to their success and happiness. Francis has just launched Cohort 4 of REI’s 8-month long SOAR Program for Leaders which helps professionals understand and develop their personal, intellectual and emotional power to be even stronger leaders and coworkers.

In addition to REI, Francis volunteers as a weekend facilitator for a Men’s Group to help them become better husbands, fathers, and friends. He helps them gain the tools to show up in an empowered modern masculine to create better lives for themselves, their businesses, their loved ones, and the world.

While Francis’ methodologies may be unconventional, the results he helps individuals attain is remarkable. He’s always open to sharing ideas and conversation so please reach out to him should you ever feel the need.

About the Reston Luncheon

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