PMIWDC eLearning 2017 Instructional Series: PMP Prep Online

PMIWDC eLearning 2017 Instructional Series: PMP Prep Online


Mark Tolbert, PMP, PMI-ACP

Senior Instructor

Best Practices Training, LLC

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Event Date: 
Friday, June 30, 2017 - 4:00pm - Tuesday, August 15, 2017 - 5:00pm

PMP Preparation Classes

A thorough review of all topics covered on the PMP certification exam.

This virtual PMP Prep Course is intended to help participants prepare for the PMP exam, and is taught by Mark Tolbert, PMP, PMI-ACP. Mark also has more than 25 years of practical project management experience. Those wishing to attend the classes should already have a background in project management fundamentals. The course will serve as a review for experienced project managers preparing for the PMP Exam. This virtual training is very equivalent to the approach of the traditional, on-site lecture-style classes that we provide quarterly.

The PMIWDC virtual PMP training program is comprised of more than 40 hours of videos, plus over 1,000 quiz questions, plus electronic copies (PDF copies) of all books and documents used in a four-day course, plus next-day response to any questions posted on the class blog, plus five webinar sessions where key topics will be reviewed, and students can ask questions. A FAQ page is available to answer additional details of the class: PMP Prep FAQs

The chapter recommends that participants taking this class be qualified and plan a scheduled date for their PMP exam soon after the end of the class. Please note that the PMP application requires 35 contact hours (or formal education hours). This class will provide all 35 contact hours needed for the application, but if students are using the class for these 35 contact hours, they will not be able to submit their application until the class is complete.

A key advantage of using the virtual training approach is that students can do the training from home, according to their own schedule. However, just like for students in a traditional four-day class, it is best if the training is compressed as much as possible. Ideally, students should try to complete the training within two weeks: no more than one month!

Students will apply to take the PMP exam by completing their application at and following the application process. After you receive notification from PMI that your application has been accepted, you will receive authorization to schedule your exam at one of the Prometric testing centers. This can be done at any time of year and at a number of different sites. In addition, it is helpful to review PMI's PMP Certification Handbook for further guidance on preparing for the exam (a soft copy is free for download with PMI membership). Please see our PMP Exam FAQs for additional information.

Agenda and Cost: 


The introductory lecture (that is MANDATORY to start the access to virtual class content) is a 1-hour webinar and will be conducted at 4-5pm EST, Friday, June 30th, 2017. All attendees are required to attend and will also receive any last minute instructions and syllabus summary during this webinar lecture.

Please allow 15 minutes prior preparation time to set up your computer to accommodate Adobe Connect.

This PMP prep class is organized differently than our 4-day on-site course instruction. It will be available to participants for about 45 days, at which time they must be completed with the course content.

PMP Prep key dates and webinar dates

  • Registration Close: 6/28/17, Midnight. Students will need register for the virtual training before this date.
  • Open PMP prep virtual class Access: NOON, 6/29/17
  • Mandatory Webinar: Kick-off “Optimizing Success”
    Friday, 6/30, 4-5pm EST
  • Webinar: Check-in #1
    Thurs, 7/6, 4-5pm EST
  • Webinar: Check-in #2
    Friday, 7/21, 4-5pm EST
  • Webinar: Check-in #3
    Wed, 8/2, 4-5:30pm EST
  • Closing the Class webinar
    Thursday, 8/10, 4-5:00pm EST
  • The virtual site closes at Midnight on Tuesday, August 15th for this class.

The check-in sessions and closing session are not required.

Course Syllabus--Please note that this schedule is tentative and subject to change.

  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 1- An Introduction to Project Management Certification
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 2 - Project Life Cycle and Organization
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 3 - Project Management Processes for a Project
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 4 - Project Integration Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 5 - Project Scope Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 6 - Project Time Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 7 - Project Cost Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 8 - Project Quality Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 9 - Project Human Resource Managemen
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 10 - Project Communications Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 11 - Project Risk Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 12 - Project Procurement Management
  • PMBOK®Guide® Chapter 13- Project Stakeholder Management

The closing webinar lecture will occur on Thursday, August 10th, 2017; 4-5pm EST

Online access to virtual content will close, Midnight August 15th, 2017 EST.


PMIWDC Members = $499/person
Non-Members = $549/person

Cancellation policy: Full refund of course fee if notification received 48 hours or more before the first class begins. No refunds will be made for cancellations received less than 48 hours before the first session.

Special Instructions: 

Access to the virtual content will be issued via email just prior to the start date of the virtual course. Virtual content access instructions will also be issued during the introductory webinar.

The first “kick-off” webinar for the class will be a mandatory one hour webinar from 4-5pm EST, Friday, June 30th, 2017. All attendees are required to attend and will also receive any last minute instructions and syllabus summary during this webinar lecture.

Approximately every 10 days, we will hold an optional 60-minute webinar. These check-in webinars are constructed to allow virtual attendees the opportunity to check-in and ask questions regarding the content or syllabus. The instructor will provide a 15-minute lecture on “rules for success”, then provide an open Q&A session where attendees can make inquiries via the eChat module on Adobe Connect. These check-in webinars are not mandatory, though they are highly recommended.

At the end of the 45-day open period, a 1-hour webinar will be conducted to close the course, but is not mandatory, though highly recommended.

The virtual content is made available for 45 days and attendees are allowed to study at their own pace. However, all attendees must finish in 45 days (by August 15th). It is the responsibility of the attendee to complete all content, including the viewing of video, Q&A and sample exams in 30 days. The class content access will close on August 15th, 2017.

No full or partial refunds will be issued if attendees do not complete the course in 45 days.

PDUs Available: 
0 PDUs for Certified PMs
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About the Speaker

Mark Tolbert, PMP, PMI-ACP

Best Practices Training, LLC
Senior Instructor

Mark Tolbert is a certified PMP, and also a PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner). Mark brings more than 25 years of practical project and program management expertise to the classroom and is methodical about transferring his knowledge and best practices for studying for the PMP Certification Exam each and every time he teaches a class. Mark is very passionate about project management and believes adopting the best project management practices and skills is crucial to the success of enterprises today.

Since November 2003, Mark has taught courses in PMP Certification Prep, project management, and Agile project management to clients around the globe including the Project Management Institute Washington, DC Chapter (PMIWDC), the U.S Bureau of the Census, BRMI, Henkel Corporation, Vista Technologies, Human Solutions Corporation, Providge Consulting and open enrollment programs across the United States. The majority of his PMP Prep students have a first-time success rate for PMP students in his classes has consistently exceeded 95%.

Prior to teaching, Mark spent 27 years at Hewlett-Packard where he successfully managed support programs and project teams including a large E-Selling program, a multi-vendor support program for a large telecommunications company, data center relocation projects, and Mobile Device Management programs.

Mark has been an active PMIWDC Chapter member and volunteer for the past 21 years serving on a number of board positions including most recently (from 2009 through 2012) serving on the board as the Trustee for the chapter. He has also taught PMP Prep classes for the chapter membership for the past fifteen years.

Mark is a long-time resident of Northern Virginia and currently lives in Annandale with his wife Linda. They have three boys who are all working in information technology careers today.

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