Value and Strategy – Connecting Project Management to the Business

Value and Strategy – Connecting Project Management to the Business


Jason Legum

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About the Webinar

Whether your organization is large or small, a good strategy is key to your success and ultimately to your survival. This webinar will connect our projects to strategy by exploring opportunities for creating business advantage and how we could keep the focus on strategy while making daily decisions with our stakeholders. We know that a strategy’s purpose is to create a business advantage. That advantage may be a cost (or profit) advantage, a value improvement for our customers, greater focus, incredible speed, or amazing maneuverability. Regardless, a good strategy will add value to the business. Also, we talk about value when we get permission to start a project and when we balance our portfolio of projects. That Cost-Benefit analysis should tie into strategic thinking. When decisions during a project’s execution arise, those decisions should reflect strategy, too. However, we often forget the importance of strategy for many reasons. It’s much easier to focus on the concreteness of building a solution or implementing a technology. Our teams achieve specific tasks, but these tasks rarely feel like strategic actions. To connect value, strategy, and projects, we’ll talk about:

  • The value of strategy
  • How strategy drives value
  • How value drives projects
  • The failure of the triple constraints
  • Integrating strategy into execution (and other paradoxes)
  • PMIWDC – a look back
  • PMIWDC – a look ahead
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About the Speaker

Jason Legum

Jason has enjoyed decades building teams who deliver business value for Fortune 500 companies, smaller enterprises, and local/state/federal organizations. By growing a team’s knowledge and skills, they advance the organization’s process maturity while delivering beyond expectations. Throughout his career, he has combined expertise in software development, data management, process engineering, and people management to anticipate problems, propose solutions, and coach to success. By communicating business concerns to technical people and technical concerns to business people, he provides sound advice to senior management and garners the trust of stakeholders. When not enjoying the company of fellow PMIWDC volunteers, Jason is often outdoors. On a typical Saturday morning, you’ll find him cycling down the Capital Crescent Trail to a local parkrun 5k timed run. Evenings are more enclosed and often in the company of national bands making a stop at the Lincoln Theater or the 9:30 Club.

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