Living in the Innovation Age – A Project Manager’s Call to Action

Living in the Innovation Age – A Project Manager’s Call to Action


Tarak Modi

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer


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Event Date: 
Tuesday, March 20, 2012 - 5:30pm - 6:30pm

Most experts agree that we have transitioned from the Information Age into the Innovation Age – an age where innovation is not an option but an absolute necessity for survival and success. If we accept the premise that we have indeed entered a new age of continuous innovation the question then is, “how does today’s project manager help spur, not constrain, innovation and consequently prosper in this new era?”

Understanding how project managers have facilitated and led innovative projects at companies such as Apple, Google, Procter & Gamble, and 3M to venture into new, unchartered waters is key to answering that question. Recent history has unequivocally shown that to remain competitive, companies must move beyond mere “cost cutting” and champion innovative projects. Ultimately, though, it is the discipline of project management (and thereby project managers) that facilitates taking an idea from an abstract concept to a practical, concrete implementation. Effective project management bridges the “thinkers” with the “doers.”

In “Living in the Innovation Age”, Tarak discusses five principles based on his experience and research over the years that can help project managers prosper in this fundamentally unique era of innovation. The presentation, full of real-world examples, is based on his recently published book “Living in the Innovation Age: Five Principles for Prospering in this New Era” (December 2011, Available on

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Crystal Gateway Marriott
1700 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, Virginia 22202
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Immediately before the Chapter Dinner Meeting. at 5:30pm.
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Preregistration is required at this PM Tools session. To ensure adequate space for our guests, we began requiring preregistration and a small fee for PM Tools in October 2011.
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1 PDU for Certified PMs

About the Speaker

Tarak Modi

Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

Tarak Modi, PMP is currently Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at CALIBRE Systems, an employee-owned Management and Technology services company. He is a seasoned IT executive and business leader, recognized thought leader, skilled enterprise architect, and well-published author with over 16 years of proven experience achieving mission critical results by aligning business and IT.

He has podcasted, presented at numerous conferences, and published over 80 articles on IT Transformation and Enterprise Architecture. He has co-authored Professional Java Web Services (Wrox Press, 2002) and just recently authored “Living in the Innovation Age: Five Principles for Prospering in this New Era” (December 2011, Available on Find out more about him on his website,

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