Chantilly Luncheon - The Power of Mindful Leadership

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Event Date: 
Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 6:30am

The Power of Mindful Leadership


Sheila Savar
The Savar Institute


Thursday, January 14, 2010
11:30 am: Check in and networking
12:00 pm: Presentation
12:45 pm: Q&A
1:00 pm: Meeting concludes


Washington Technology Park Building
Main Auditorium
15000 Conference Center Drive
Chantilly, VA


  • The Chantilly luncheons are free of charge
  • Membership in PMI is not required
  • Pre-registration is not required

About the Program 

The Power of Mindful Leadership

Are you pleased with the quality of your conversations and relationships or can they be improved? Are you struggling to be understood by a difficult boss, customer, co-worker or friend? Who or what is causing you the most stress? How much control, if any, do you have in your life?

Mindful Leaders know how to get desired behavioral change from others. Whereas Management is rooted in fear-based thoughts that entrap – Leadership is rooted in faith-based thoughts that empowers. Do your thoughts empower or entrap you? Do they lead to actions that gain employee cooperation or do they or sabotage your efforts? Do you respond or react to conflict and stress?

These questions and more will be answered in this interactive engagement by transformational speaker Sheila Savar as she presents on topics that include:

  • The Power of Thought - how your thoughts become your reality
  • Emotional and Behavioral Drivers
  • The Conversation is the Relationship: How you contribute to its outcome
  • How to steer conversations from Contention into Collaboration
  • Do your thoughts Empower or Entrap you: Identifying the Source and Characteristics of each
  • A journey into Empowerment: A step-by-step Process that works!
  • Mindful Leadership – The New Management Style for driving business economics

After this presentation you’ll know how to handle difficult conversations and relationship more effectively. You’ll know how to respond rather than react with regret. You’ll know how to communicate in a manner that wins cooperation and trust. Most importantly, you will be equipped with the tools you need to make lasting lifestyle changes to help you achieve happiness and success!

About the Speaker

Sheila Savar

Sheila Saver believes in Human Sigma and the importance of developing people – a company’s greatest resource – in order to advance business. This belief aligns her mission with her passion: helping people to succeed — personally and professionally—so they may enjoy more successful enriching lives.

In 2009 she was admitted to Vistage International as an Expert Resource Speaker. A prestigious organization with over 15,000 CEO members in 16 countries; only the best speakers, facilitators and consultants — those who
can consistently deliver actionable ideas and real take-home value to diverse groups of business leaders — are selected for admission.

She is a transformational speaker and author who has earned acclaim with global business leaders such as Microsoft, AOL, Duetche Telekom, The World Bank, British Telecom, PMI and more.

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Directions to the Chantilly Luncheon

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  1. Some visitor parking is usually available in the front, but additional parking is available behind the building.
  2. Enter through the main front entrance and tell the receptionist that you are going to the PMI meeting in the auditorium, and you will be directed where to go.