2018 Mentor/Protégé Program

We are no longer accepting applications at this time for the 2018 Mentor/Protégé Program.

The program is a one-on-one relationship between a Mentor and Protégé and will focus on developing and enhancing project management competencies. The program also provides mentorship for Military applicants who want to be paired with a mentor with a military background.

Read more about the goals of the program, required qualifications.

Program Schedule

December 2017 thru February 2018 – Application Period

March 2018: Mentor/Protégé matching

April 2018: Kick-off meeting, Orientation and Training, Location TBD (2 + hours)

June 2018: Check-in, Face-to-face Meeting, Location TBD (1.5 hours)

August 2018: Final Face-to-face Meeting, Location TBD (1.5 hours)

October 2018: Lessons Learned Session, Location TBD (1 hour)


Note that Mentor/Protégé pairs will be expected to supplement these Check-In meetings with additional individual meetings. The group sessions will be at a public location in the Northern Virginia area and will provide a venue for Mentor/Protégé pairs to meet.

Protégé Program Participation Fee: $150.00 is required from all selected Protégé applicants for 2018. Military discounts are available for the military protégé applicants. This fee will be applied to cover administration of the program including venue selection, program trainings, and training materials.


Program Participant Testimonials

“One of the key benefits I received was continually refining my mentoring skills and the ability to coach the mentee on activities to enhance workplace and professional experience." - Program Mentor

“I learned key factors about Leadership and having a mentor and being proactive and open minded to gain the knowledge a Mentor is willing to share and provide to reach my goals with confidence. Also, the importance of communicating effectively to foster healthy relationships.” - Program Protege

“Our training sessions provided perspective: New training opportunities. The guest speakers were great. Learning the differences between coaching and mentoring and how to listen effectively” -Program Mentor

“Special thanks to the mentoring committee in making this experience a good experience.” -Program Protege

“The program is loosely structured, this gives mentors and mentees opportunity to tailor and execute a development program that meets their requirements. This is a keeper.” -Program Mentor


Other Important Details:

  • Mentors and Protégés must maintain PMIWDC Chapter membership throughout the program.
  • There are limited slots and pairing available, so applicants may need to wait until the next session to participate with a fit pair.
  • Mentors will be awarded Category A PDU credits for giving back to the profession and the Chapter.
  • Protégés: all self-guided sessions can be recorded as Category C PDU credits as self-directed learning.
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